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Denver Friends & Community Volunteers

Our final day to provide overnight emergency shelter for migrants will be this Friday, March 29. We have successfully gotten further accommodation for our current guests. Please pray that God would continue to be with them as they transition to the Denver Community Church shelter and other housing situations.

Although the overnight portion of the emergency shelter is finalizing, DFC still feels a strong call to minister and serve the migrant population. 

In what direction is God asking us to move? We have some ideas, but we would like to do some more brainstorming together!

For this reason, DFC will holding a Denver

Community Townhall meeting to discuss other ways we can serve our migrant friends going forward. We are still be accepting donations of food and clothes to be distributed to the Migrant Community.


Everyone is invited to the town hall meeting on Sunday, April 14th at 3pm at Denver Friends Church.


We hope to see you there and hear your ideas. Let's continue to pray that God would lead us together in unity and love as we minister to others around us.


For more information please contact the Church Office by email: or phone: 303-455-7604

Migrant Ministry Opportunity

Our hope is to inspire and connect with other churches around the nation that would like to get involved in this ministry seeking to share the love of Jesus with the newcomers to the USA.

Sunday School or Bible Study gathering at 9:30am

Worship Service and Preaching at 11AM in the Sanctuary Upstairs.

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